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In 2019, _SocialStarters and Asplande co-created an innovative social impact incubator program, which offers support, training and work space to 60 female entrepeneurs from favela and low-income surburban communities in Rio de Janeiro.
We know female entrepeneurs face obstacles and prejudice due to the triple burden of gender, race and social class. Our inclusive, ambitious and high profile programme gives female social entrepreneurs access to tools and support to help them tackle their business challenges, and help them be more sustainable and increase their social impact.

Founded in 1992, Asplande is an NGO committed to promote the universalization of human rights and the socio-economic inclusion of women from favelas and peripheries.

Asplande is apart of ABONG (Brazilian Association of NonGovernmental Organizations); They are the co-founders of the State Forum of Popular Cooperatives, and they are also partof the State Solidarity Economy Movement. Asplande is a fellow of Ashoka Network and the Latin American Women’s PopularEducation Network.


_SocialStarters is a company that brings together the corporate business communities with the social business communities. Aiming to foster inclusive growth and progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) _SocialStarters take a collaborative, cross-sectoral approach to supporting the start-ups changing the world using collaborative learning and design methods. Their work is currently in the United Kingdom, but they already worked incountries like Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Kosovo and Brazil.

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